If you have found your way to this website, you must be interested in the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or "Toller."  This site is provided as a gateway to the Toll'NTrain Discussion Forum and does not provide a lot of information about Tollers in general.

If you wish to learn more about the breed, go to the Links page to discover multiple links to resources that might be more helpful.


This site and the Toll'NTrain Discussion Forum are not affiliated with or associated with any club or organization. The information provided is to be taken "as is" with no guarantee of accuracy or applicability to your individual situation.


July 2009 - This site has been moved to a dedicated site and is no longer a subsite on the Kilcreek Retrievers site.  This move was prompted by the tremendous interest and support of the Toller community, and their desire to have a site dedicated to training the Toller for the field.

Training Your Toller for the Field

Whether training your Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller) for field tests offered by various organizations or training for waterfowl or upland hunting, questions and issues arise. We realize that multiple forums related to the field are available for discussions and to ask questions, but thus far there has not been anything set up specific to Tollers and their owners and trainers.

Paul Kartes, professional trainer and Toller owner, wanted to rectify this situation. This simple site is set up to provide a gateway to the Toll'NTrain Discussion Forum.

Rules of the Road

When you enter the Forum site, you will be able to see and read any of the information posted in various topics. To participate and make your own comments, you do have to register. Your registration will then have to be approved by an administrator. Why? Because there seems to be a lot of mischief plus any number of web bots out there trying to cause havoc. So, to keep the site safe and free of inappropriate content, we put these restrictions in place.

We encourage anyone interested, whether a seasoned trainer with a vast amount of knowledge or those just beginning to think about training their Toller to visit the Forum and register to participate.